2016 Workplan


Actions recommended by working groups at 2nd TCRP Symposium

Concept paper on the role of health research in Tanzania’s development

[Benedict Halgrimsson, Hassan Mshinda, Honorati Masanja], Ken Lukowiak, James Scott

  • In addition to continued advocacy about the actions proposed by the “Advocacy and Institutional Strengthening” group in the 2014 work plan, the above team will write a concept paper on the role of health research in Tanzania’s development.

 Research ethics clearing

[Mange Manyama, Jennifer Hatfield, with Hassan Mshinda]

 During the recent symposium, Hassan Mshinda informed participants that work had begun on drafting a “Research Integrity Framework” that would address the concerns related to research ethics clearance.

  • The working group will monitor progress on the above, and communicate this to TCRP members

 Knowledge Sharing

[Debora Niyeha, , Senga Pemba, Thecla Kohi

  • Encourage all participants to forward personal bio’s to add to TCRP website, and supply or update project information in the CCGHR’s harmonization database in order to inform each other about “who is doing what, where and with whom”.
  • Facilitate communications among the six Tanzanian groups [“T-6 Network”} that received funding from the IDRC IMCHA program. This will include sharing experience about the process of research findings to influence MNCH policies. [Note: a specific work plan for this component will be prepared by Senga, Thecla and Vic.]
  • Deborah (possibly with other Symposium participants) will meet with the Canadian High Commissioner (Alexandre Levesque) and others at the High Commission, to report on the process and outcomes of the 2nd TCRP symposium.
  • Promote the additional use of mobile phones (in addition to the website and e-mails), to facilitate communication among TCRP members.

Trans-disciplinary research

Building upon a discussion at the symposium about MNCH research within the broader context of health for development, specific groups will continue to collaborate:

  • Colleagues interested in the “One Health approach” will continue collaboration on brucellosis research. [Frank van der Meer, Gabriel Shirima, Karen Orsil.]
  • A CUHAS-based project team has been created test the contribution of remote sensing technology to understand health problems in the Lake Zone. [The group includes: Saspatro Ngallaba, Elias Nyanza, and Chris Thomas.]

 Planning next year’s TCRP symposium:

Senga Pemba has offered to host the 2016 (third) TCRP Symposium in Ifakara—the offer was unanimously accepted. A working group will be assembled to assist with planning.

Monitoring progress on the above actions: It was also recommended that working groups provide updates every three months, using the TCRP website.


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