2018 Workplan

TCRP Work Plan 2018 

Working Groups Persons responsible Comments
Research Group on “Access to reproductive health services in adolescents” Michael Mahande

Evelyne Konje

Stephen Maluka

Daniel M. Loitu

Ola Jahanpour

Working on a proposal for possible submission to IDRC



Research Group on “Migration and Insecticide-treated blankets” Elias Nyanza

Robert Kaaya

Fred Manjale

Peter Kileo

Working on a proposal for possible submission to Grand Challenges Canada
Discussion group on “One Health”


Karin Orsel

Thecla Kohi

Sebastian Chenyambuga

Taya Forde

Each member has a specific idea for a research project—for further discussion among group members and beyond
Discussion group on “Anti-microbial resistance” Frank van der Meer

Florida Muro

Balthazar Nyombi

Nancy Kassam

Witness Boneventura


Focus on inappropriate use, dispensing, storage of antibiotics—and interventions involving education and stewardship. [To be discussed further with Jeremiah Seni and others, for possible alignment with national AMR initiative.]
Discussion group on nutrition and maternal health


Leonard Katalambula

Haikaeli E. Martin

Desneige Meyer

Working on a possible project submission to Nestle foundation
TCRP Steering Group


Nyombi Balthazar

Elias Nyanza

Frank van der Meer

Jennifer Hatfield

Vic Neufeld

(Guests: Stephen Maluka & Haikaeli Martin)

• explore possible training workshop in May-June 2018 (with possible IDRC support)


• propose strategies for strengthening the TCRP website


Proposed on-going working group on “Climate Change & Health” (including activities carried over from the 2017 work plan) [Vic is contacting various colleagues about this] Details to come

[1] The working groups described above were created during the TCRP Symposium in Moshi, November 30 and December 1.  A summary of the Moshi meeting can be found in the December 2017 Update on the TCRP website:  http://ccghr.ca/tanzaniacanada/